WATCH: Brissy’s Been Transformed Into NYC For The Filming Of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

As you might know – possibly from the huge amount of media coverage of Taylor Swift landing in Australia with her boyfriend, ‘Thor’ actor Tom Hiddleston – the new film in the huge Marvel franchise is currently filming in Queensland
According to a bunch of Aussie morning shows, the film’s Brisbane set has been magically transformed into a street of New York City, complete with the city’s iconic yellow cabs.
This morning, there’s reports that a rehearsal was underway, with director Taika Waititi running the stars through what would be happening in the NY scene. Proper filming on the set began approximately an hour ago. 
Watch below:

Local news are also reporting that Brissy cafe Atomic Coffee and Catering will be featured in the upcoming film. 
Owners George Kalatzis and Julie Anthanassiadis said they’d be closing their doors to the public this week so Chris Hemsworth and his co-stars could film a scene inside the cafe. 
“When we got the cafe all we ever wanted to do was make nice coffee for nice people.

Now we’re making nice coffee for the stars of a Hollywood movie.”
Source: Today / Channel 10
Photo: Twitter / Today.