Now, we apologise if this is a reminder that the dreaded expensive holiday season is upon us, but we think you’ll be okay. 

Because the first trailer is out for the most politically incorrect sequel of the moment, ‘Bad Santa 2‘ is finally here and with us, fair children. 

The trailer is obviously redband, it’s extremely NSFW, and it’s Billy Bob Thornton in all his red suit-wearing, con-scheming, booze-guzzling, abuse-dishing glory. 

In movie numero dos, Willie T. Soke and Marcus (Tony Cox) team back up to rob a Chicago charity on Christmas Eve. But then Willie’s mum (played by Kathy Bates) rocks up and gets in the way.

Enjoy, dickheads:

P.S. There’s only 137 sleeps to Christmas, so best get to savin’ those pennies. Sorry to ruin your day, joyful elves. 

WATCH: Billy Bob’s Back To Puke On Your Xmas Cheer In ‘Bad Santa 2’ Trailer

Source: Youtube.