WATCH: Ben Stiller Can’t Get Through An Interview W/O Blue Steel-ing

You know what it’s like: you play a sweetly stupid male model in a film that becomes entrenched in pop culture, then 15 years later money’s tight so you give the people what they want in the form of a sequel and just fkn pray you’ve still got the acting chops to nail the nuances of a character people worship.

For actor/director Ben Stiller, squeezing back into Derek’s leather pants after so long was simpler than he feared it would be, which is a relief to us all because it’s resulted in Zoolander 2 – out today, FINALLY – being really, really, ridiculously LOL (seeing Biebs get shot up doesn’t get old). 

Speaking to P.TV during his recent visit Down Under, Stiller said making the movie was like riding a bike – in fact, he finds it hard to entirely switch off the character-button, even after all this time.

Derek’s him, and he’s Derek.

“It’s funny how quickly I picked it back up actually, sometimes I feel like Derek just doesn’t leave me,” he told us.

He couldn’t even get through our interview without pulling a subconscious Blue Steel – subtle, but a beautiful sight nonetheless.
Zoolander 2 is in cinemas now.