Watch Behind The Scenes Footage Of Game Of Thrones S5’s Epic Pit Fight

It only made us cover our faces for like, 10 mins max, but one of most epic scenes from GoT S5 took a cast of hundreds 10 days to shoot.
You know the one we’re talking about: the assassination attempt at the fighting pits in Meereen in eps 9/10, which sees Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and more facing certain death until [SPOILER ALERT] a last-minute appearance by one of Daenery’s dragons saves the day.

An exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from the iTunes release of season 5 sees Clarke spill on just how much fucking work went into that one shoot, giving kudos to director David Nutter for making it all come together. 
“It took hundreds and hundreds of people, and weeks and months of work,” she says. “David is just incredible with his ability to break a scene down piece by piece and know each piece intricately so you as the actor – and everyone concerned – can turn up and know exactly what they are doing that day, and that is just the only way to combat a beast of a scene like this.”
Nutter says it was the “biggest scene” he’s ever shot, and that he was “never at ease” until they’d wrapped it.
The BTS clip also shows Clarke acting opposite a green ball on a pole as a substitute for Drogon, who we now know isn’t real 🙁
Here’s the clip:

Via iTunes.
Images via HBO.