WATCH: All Your Favs Cop It In The New Grammys-Themed ‘Mean Tweets’

Australia might be the only place on Earth that has a name for the practice of constantly dragging unthinkably-successful humans, but if Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets series is anything to go by, Tall Poppy Syndrome is apparently super-fkn-contagious. 

There are probably few places better to spread the syndrome like an awards show, too. Observe: in the wake of one of the most jam-packed Grammy awards in recent history, internationally lauded artists like Drake and Common – hell, even Lionel Ritchie – cop a spray. 

Up-and-comers, like this year’s official best newcomer Meghan Trainor aren’t exempt either. Spare a thought for Mumford & Sons though, whose G-rated burn still manages to be the most brutal of the lot. Watch:

Photo: YouTube.