Watch A Trailer For The New Frank Woodley Series

It’s been thirteen years since he wrestled inanimate objects as a well-intentioned klutz in The Adventures of Lano and Woodley, but fears that Frank Woodley would mitigate his relentless love of slapstick are put to bed just twenty seconds into the trailer for his new eight part series Woodley. Of note is a supercut involving literal mud slinging, a wedgie, and a blow to the head with a kitchen utensil. Never change Woodley, never change.

Woodley premieres 8.00pm Wednesday, 22 February on ABC1.

Synopsis: Woodley (Frank Woodley) is the chaotic and accident prone, yet devoted father of seven-year-old Ollie (Alexandra Cashmere). Recently divorced, his ex-wife Em (Justine Clarke) couldn’t live amongst the chaos but Woodley secretly hopes that one day he’ll win her back and they’ll be a family again. But with Em’s new boyfriend Greg (Tom Long) on the scene, it’s not going to be easy. As Greg’s affection for Em grows, and Em in turn sees a possible future with Greg, will Woodley be able to win Em back before it’s too late?