Warne/Hurley: The Best We Have?

If this is the pinnacle of Australian journalism, some rather large questions need to be put forward for scrutiny.

This week Australian national newspapers were laden with articles and photos about a twitter romance between a man who, at one stage in his life, took a small round red leather ball and projected it from his hand in a manner such that it spun in the air before another man hit it with a bat – and a washed up actress whose last film was a 2006 flop. Which begs the question, how slow can a news day really be? Apparently a brutal leader was overthrown in some African country, but yeah…I’m a firm believer that a date at a Golf Course is of much higher journalistic importance.

The story has been brewing for a few weeks now, in what is most likely a slapstick marketing campaign designed to resurrect the careers of these two fossils, as they continue to endorse anything they can get their mugs on. Their tight, leather-like mugs.

Twitter has been the fuel for debate, as seems to be the case more and more these days. There are some people who shouldn’t be allowed near any format of micro-blogging, or any social networking for that matter, and Warnie is definitely one of them. Rather than regurgitate the standard crap being circulated about this pair, I’d like to furnish you with three of my fav Warnie tweets. I can’t understand why he failed as a TV journalist.

Title Image by Max Mumby via Getty