Wanna Get Drunk? There’s An App For That

Do your ‘mates’ turn invisible when it’s their turn to shout? Wanna ensure pub rounds play out in a perfect 1:1 ratio? There’s an app for that! The newly launched My Shout app lets you ‘shout’ people drinks online which they can redeem in real life venues across Sydney. You can use the app to select a venue, choose drinks from their menu, then pick your Facebook friends, phone contacts or email contacts and purchase a drink which will then be sent to their iPhone. After you’ve made the shout, all your friend has to do is walk into the venue and show their phone to the bartender to redeem their drink. Easy to perform and even easier to keep track of who owes who what!

“The inspiration for the My Shout app spawned from the dilemma we face as a society,” says co-founder Arri Khan. “The idea is to take people from the online environment out into the real world where they can have a real face to face conversation and banter over drinks. As the name states, the app is about giving and this lies at the heart of the concept.”

Download My Shout for free via iTunes and put an end to moonwalking out of your commitments.