Get extremely ready to rip the lid off one or two, my good binches, because Aperol is shouting us 100,000 delicious spritzes as we hoon into the summer months.

Kicking off on October 18, you’ll be able to get cash back on your Aperol Spritz from the bar or packs bought from the grog shop through the brand’s cash back system on the website.

All you gotta do is order a couple of drinks at a bar and you can claim back up to $20, essentially making it a two-for-one situation (and making your shout just a bit cheaper). Or if you’re staying in, going to a picnic, or a BBQ at a friend’s place within your state’s restrictions, you can also get up to $24 back on your bottled bubblies if you grab two packs in one go.

Then you just sit tight and let that money drop back into your account, which you can absolutely use to buy yourself a treat. Or maybe another spritz. Go wild, who cares.

You’ll be able to grab a tasty and (essentially) free beveragino on the house from now until January 2, 2022, which is absolutely a big re-entry into the pub and back into our hot bitch spritz summer selves.

It’s been a minute since we’ve been able to pull out that energy, but now it’s coming back faster that a popped cork on a prosecco bottle. I dunno about you but I can’t bloody wait for the first balmy summer night when it’s still light at 8pm and the light is as orange as the Aperol spritz I’m necking. Even better when that delish fizz has been paid for by someone else.

So garn and get registered over on the Aperol website, hang onto your receipts, and nab yourself one (or a few) of the 100,000 spritzes up for grabs between now and the start of January.

Image: Supplied