WA Petrol Station Accidentally Sells Shitloads Of Fuel For 14 Cents A Litre

There’s bad days at the office, then there’s really bloody days at the office, and then there’s this.

An operator error at a Western Australian petrol station saw the price of Premium Fuel accidentally set to the low, low price of 14.9 cents per litre. And thirsty ‘Strayans took full advantage.
The error apparently occurred the night before, with an employee of the Puma site on Solomon Road in Cockburn Central accidentally missing a crucial one, plugging the low total into the station’s computer, instead of the regular price of 141.9.
To make matters worse, the station is completely unmanned.
And locals, keen for a bargain, went absolutely boonta on it.
In fact, the error stayed in operation until the mid-afternoon, when finally a good samaritan called the mistake in, to which the employee on the end of the line merely responded, “Jesus Christ.
According to the West Australian, when word got out long queues to take advantage of the error, including people filling up countless jerry cans, boats, and everything. One customer apparently got away with some 1000 litres of fuel for a measly $150-odd.
Worse still, Puma will more than likely be unable to pursue customers to recoup the losses – which reportedly run into the tens of thousands. And – even further – they may actually face a fine for selling fuel at an incorrect and improper price, according to petrol industry watch dog FuelWatch.
‘Course none of that would ever change how humble ‘Strayans react to something like this, as one witness to the chaos recounted…

“There was a guy there in a ute and from what I could see, the whole tray was full of jerry cans … at least 20 of them I would say.”

Ahhh, Australia. Never change.

Never, ever, ever change.