Servos, Literal Grinches, Are Hiking Up Petrol Prices So Here’s The Best Time To Fill Yr Sleigh Up

Santa Claus filling up a silver SUV at the petrol station

If you’re rushing around like a headless chook before Christmas buying last minute presents and planning your disgustingly good lunch menu, might I suggest adding another errand to your growing list? It’s time to get your wee bottom to the servo ASAP and fill ‘er up because petrol prices are set to rise in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Deep breaths, mindful meditation, soothing whale noises, calming crystals et cetera.

As reported by 7News, new data from Compare the Market shows petrol prices are going ham in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. However, prices are going down in Perth and Adelaide, which is truly pleasant news for the people of these fine cities.

I, for one, cannot wait to hightail it out of Sydney this week and fill up my car after I land in Perth. No offence, Sydneysiders.

But alas, I digress. According to 7News, more than 100 servos across Melbourne have already decided to fix their prices above $2 per litre. The same thing has happened in Sydney, except those dastardly 100 petrol stations have whacked prices up to $2.05 per litre or more. Some real Scrooge McDucks out there, I bloody tell you.

In news which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, folks in Sydney are being hit with the highest average petrol price in Australia at $1.77 per litre. In Brisvegas the average price is $1.73 per litre and in Melbourne, it’s $1.72 per litre. People who live in the City of Churches are copping fuel at an average price of $1.66 per litre, while Perthians (?) are enjoying a trés average tank at $1.61 per litre. Stunning, iconic and jaw-dropping scenes in Western Australia ATM.

Commsec senior economist Ryan Felsman told The New Daily prices are going up ‘cos the discounting cycle which rolls around in the east coast’s petrol market has plateaued. And because cycles are, well, cyclical, costs are going back up again.

What comes up, must come down and so on and so forth.

FuelTrac chief executive and Oracle of Delphi for fuel Geoff Trotter said he reckons petrol prices will peak before Christmas Day, which honestly doesn’t give you a lot of time to whiz down to the servo to fill up your sleigh.

“[The] question is how long they [petrol stations] will try and hold them up,” he told The New Daily.

Confirmed Grinches, the lot of them. You better don your jauntiest Santa hat and get down to the petrol station quick sticks, or else you’ll be relying on reindeer to tow you to Christmas lunch.