Crying Fast & Furiously ‘Cos Vin Diesel Just Walked Paul Walker’s Daughter Down The Aisle

vin diesel meadow walker wedding

Fast and the Furious star Vin Diesel just walked his late co-star and friend Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow down the aisle and BRB, sobbing actual car oil tears at this.

Earlier this month, Paul’s 22-year-old daughter Meadow married her fiancé Louis Thornton-Allan in a secret beachfront wedding ceremony.

After her father tragically passed away in 2013, her godfather Vin Diesel walked her down the aisle instead.

In a gorgeously romantic black-and-white video of the event shared on Meadow’s Instagram this morning, you can see the pair joking with the flower girl in the lead-up to the ceremony.

Walker, dressed in a custom Givenchy Haute Couture bridal dress and a veil, looks down at her with an angelic and purely infectious smile. Diesel, dressed in an open-collar suit and sunnies, looks like a proud father-like figure – or Daddy if you will. According to E! News, co-star Jordana Brewster was also there and seen hugging Meadow Walker.

In the words of Diesel’s Dominic Toretto: “there’s nothing stronger than family”.

“We’re married,” she said in the post.

“Yes, we are!!!” Louis commented.

Thornton-Allan, while making a case for the hot indie boys from next door, shared a carousel post of lo-fi scenes from the wedding, including an adorable photo of the pair’s ringed hands touching on a dinner table at what appears to be the wedding afterparty to when they kissed and drove off after the ceremony.

The pair’s big news was met with praise and celebrations by friends and fans on Instagram.

13 Reasons Why star and model Tommy Dorfman confessed that her look was “omg chic”. Aussie actress Ruby Rose and models Christy Turlington and Nadine Leopold commented with heart emojis, too.

Fans also chimed in with some adorable things to say about the bride and groom.

“Blessings on your new adventurers as bride and groom,” said one. Many simply said “congratulations!”

This one comment, in particular, broke me: “Congratulations a lifetime of happiness. You[r] daddy would be so proud of the woman you have become and is watching over you always. Many blessings and love.”

To add extra salt into the tear-bleeding wound in my heart, Vin shared this piece of fan art of him and Paul from Fast and the Furious.

Speaking to Vogue earlier this month, Meadow said that the pandemic “impacted our plans” to get married.

“Louis’s family wasn’t able to attend,” she said.

“A lot of close friends whom we consider family were also unable to attend due to travel restrictions.”

She continued, revealing that her special day wouldn’t have happened without the help of her aunt and Diesel’s longtime partner Paloma Jiménez.

“We couldn’t have imagined it to be any more perfect and personal and honestly it was easy and simple,” she said.

“Louis and I knew exactly what we wanted from the start. It was a very intimate celebration.”

Meadow Walker announced her engagement to Louis Thornton-Allan in an Instagram video revealing her diamond ring in August. According to E! News, Louis proposed just weeks before the pair went public with their relationship.