Victoria Pedretti Called Out Actor Who Told Her He ‘Jacked Off’ To Her In Now-Deleted IG Post

Victoria Pedretti

You star Victoria Pedretti called out a “well known actor” for telling her that he “jacked off” to her at an event, in a Instagram post for her birthday that has since been deleted.

The since deleted post was a nude selfie of Pedretti with a caption about her birthday and also addressing those fucked comments a fellow actor had made toward her.

“WTF is ‘partial’ nudity? Happy birthday to me,” she wrote in the caption.

“On my bday last year a ‘well known’ actor walked up to me at a party and said, ‘I’ve jacked off to you so many times’. I was shocked by the audacity. This is AFTER he expressed how much he RESPECTED me as an actor lol.

“Sometimes I enjoy modesty, sometimes I don’t. It’s a joke to think that my own modesty will protect me from any disrespect I may experience as a femme body.

“Also shout out to my body. I love you. You’re mine.”

Victoria Pedretti

The post was clearly a fuck you to whoever made that disgusting remark to Victoria Pedretti last year. Her body, her choice — and however she chooses to dress, she is entitled to respect from others (particularly her own peers).

Pedretti didn’t name the person, and I don’t imagine she will reveal who it is due to the legalities around defamation.

Sadly the post has also now been deleted, but the sentiment remains. No one should have to deal with vile comments like that.

Before it was taken down, many people showed support for the Haunting of Hill House star.

“Why would someone say something like that… gross,” one user commented.

“That’s absolutely disgusting and degrading, like, is she supposed to think of that as a compliment? Bc saying something like that is just sooo out of pocket and weird,” another person wrote.

It’s unknown whether Victoria Pedretti took the post down, or Instagram due to their strict rules around nudity.