The Trailer For Ian Somerhalder’s New Netflix Series Is Here & Consider My Pickle Tickled

Ian Somerhalder

Somewhere out there Damon Salvatore is quaking, because Ian Somerhalder is back baby but he’s no longer a vampire. He’s a vampire, uh, curer / maybe-killer.

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Netflix has released the trailer for its new series V Wars, based on the comics of the same name by Jonathan Maberry and Alan Robinson. Somerhalder plays Dr Luther Swann – a human – whose entire world goes to shits when a mysterious disease transforms his best friend, Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes) into a murderous predator who feeds on humans. As the disease spreads, society fractures, and Swann must race against time to find a cure while his best mate rises to become the powerful underground leader of the vampires. Dun-dun-DUNNNN.

“My people and I are not terrorist, and have as much right to live as anybody else. As horrible as it will be, this war is also necessary. Blood nation will prevail,” Fayne says in the trailer.

The trailer starts off as incredibly moody and dark, and then it just gets plain saucy. And Somerhalder? The man apparently does not age.

Netflix has ordered 10 episodes for season 1 so that’s a solid amount of binge material you have there.

V Wars will premiere December 5 on Netflix.

Surely, surely, Dr Swann will become a vampire at some point. SURELY.

And, if you’re interested in true crime, Netflix will release its latest documentary based on a serial killer on December 6. The content, it never ends.

The Confession Killer is a five-part series based on infamous American serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, who confessed to hundreds of unsolved murder cases during the ’80s. The thing is, he was only ever convicted of murdering three people, including his mother.

You can read more about the new docuseries below.