Prepare To Get Too Invested In Netflix’s New True Crime Docuseries ‘The Confession Killer’

The Confession Killer

While we wait for any, any, news of Mindhunter season 3, Netflix has quietly released the trailer for its new true crime documentary series The Confession Killer. It looks utterly disturbing, and has successfully taken my mind off Mindhunter for approximately two minutes and 19 seconds. Well done, Netflix.

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The docuseries centres on one Henry Lee Lucas, once called America’s most shocking serial killer.

If you’re unfamiliar with Lucas’ case, Netflix’s synopsis is as follows.

During the ’80s, Henry Lee Lucas confessed to hundreds of murders, bringing closure to unsolved cases and grieving families. Even with no direct evidence linking Lucas to the crime scenes, he stunned authorities with his ability to sketch victims’ portraits while citing brutal details of each attack. Yet journalists and attorneys found impossibilities in Lucas’ timeline, and DNA testing started to contradict his internationally-reported claims.

Oof, I’m hooked in.

The five-part series is directed by Robert Kenner (Food, Inc) and Taki Oldham.

Lucas claimed to have killed as many as 600 people around the United States, the New York Times reported after his death in 2001. Detectives from 4o states reportedly talked to him about an estimated 3,000 homicides. Lucas was only ever convicted of murdering three people, including his mother.

He said he confessed to the murders after being fed a cocktail of tranquillisers, steaks, hamburgers, and milkshakes.

Netflix said the documentary “explores how the man once called America’s most prolific serial killer was really a complex figure entangled with a flawed justice system.”

The Confession Killer premieres December 6 on Netflix.

Looks like another bloody winner. Goddamn it, Netflix.