US Lady Gets Jailed On 100th Birthday, Fulfils Goal To End Up In The Slammer

Everyone has that one unfulfilled desire in life. For some, it’s to have a threesome. For others, it’s to look Hilary Duff in the eyes and thank her for the masterpiece that was Metamorphosis (Just me? Cool, cool.). For North Carolina’s 100-year-old Ruth Bryant, it was to be arrested and experience jail.

To celebrate a century of being nothing but a sweet angel, Ruth decided to switch things up a bit, WRAL reports. She subsequently expressed interested in being arrested in handcuffs and experiencing a jail cell, as it had been on her bucket list for a while.

A couple of sheriffs were more than happy to give Ruth the full experience, and arrested Ruth during her 100th birthday party at Cambridge Hills Assisted Living Center.

“Are you Miss Bryant?” a deputy approached the birthday table.

“Depends on what you want,” Ruth cheekily responded (smart lass).

“I want you!”

Ruth was cuffed, taken to jail and walked through the entire procedure –  a phone call, a mugshot snap, a sentence (ie. ‘several minutes’ in the cell) and, most importantly, a traditional orange jumpsuit.

“I’m in the jailhouse now! I finally got here!” she exclaimed, at one point, with a little dance.

We have no choice but to bow down to Ruth, a respected baddie.

I simply adore Ruth. Check out a snippet of the journey below.