US ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Are Stark Raven’ Mad After HBO Stream Crashes

Every single mofo here at the PEDESTRIAN.TV offices is stealing themself away from any and all spoilers ahead of the premiere episode of ‘Game of Thrones Season 7 tonight, but as the Yanks get their first look this afternoon we bring you this 100% spoiler-free yarn, which may provide some sparing schadenfreude for you all.

Because watching shows via a cable box attached to an actual TV is, like, so 2015, a shit tonne of US viewers instead utilise HBO’s streaming app HBO Go to get their ‘GoT’ fix and it looks like that might have not the best idea with the platform’s servers shitting themselves and leaving many without access to the premiere.

Hundreds of HBO Go users have taken to Twitter this arvo to share their frustrations with the app, which looks to have carked it purely due to the insane amount of Jon Snow-thirsty fans trying to stream the most anticipated episode of TV this year.

Fingers crossed Aussies attempting to use Foxtel’s newly-implemented Foxtel Now app to get their ‘GoT‘ tonight, don’t experience similar traffic-based issues.
Also if you spoil me before I get home I will Red Wedding you up something fierce, ok?

Source: Twitter.
Image: Game of Thrones / HBO.