Foxtel’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Distribution Under Threat From Potential Apple TV + HBO Partnership

As you’re well aware, ‘Game Of Thrones‘ fifth season is nigh—brace yourselves, et cetera—and it’s not without its streaming dramas. No biz like showbiz.

Foxtel has long held the distribution right of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Down Under, and the debut of its fifth season is no exception: Foxtel will closely follow the US debut of ‘Game Of Thrones’ on Monday April 13 (it debuts on April 12 in the US, but accounting for time difference the premiere is more or less simultaneous), and our loins are suitably girded. A sly shakeup of the game has entered today, however, as Apple TV may pose a real threat to Foxtel’s distribution rights in Australia.

Those Stateside have been pedaling the rumour-mill in anticipation this week over the launch of HBO Go, a streaming service that would allow viewers a Netflix-esque experience with their impressive portfolio of titles, including ‘Game of Thrones’. Which is of course all relatively irrelevant for Australian viewers, as most developments in the US are. HBO’s geoblocks are fierce and unrelenting. Where things do get interesting is HBO’s potential partnership with Apple TV, a service that is available Down Under.

SMH points out that ‘Game of Thrones’ has never been available to users without the hurdle of cable or a telco distributor, and that HBO Go will be a unique move; its debut on Apple TV, if secured, could also be sidelined relatively easily by Australians who know how to use a VPN like with US Netflix, AKA, everyone.

Either way. ‘Game of Thrones’ season 5 premieres in Australia on April 13 on Foxtel. It goes without saying, but it already looks like a thing of beauty.

Via SMH.