So Many People Watched The ‘GoT’ S6 Premiere That PornHub Almost Ran Dry

You know you’ve made it as a fully-fledged pop culture phenomenon when people will actually remove their hands from their own bits in order to watch it. Well, y’know, for the most part that is.
The hotly anticipated premiere of Game of Thrones sixth season was viewed by an absolute shitload of people in the US. 7.9million people tuned in to the premiere broadcast on HBO. And if you factor in streaming services like HBO Go and HBO Now, as well as the debut episode’s two repeats in the US, that brings the total number of viewers for S06E01 up to a whopping 10.7million. Shit did numbers.
But that’s just a bare figure. There’s nothing spicy about that. There’s no practical or real-world implications involved there.
What is interesting is that the number of people who watched the GoT premiere was so great that it actually affected the amount of traffic that porn usually sees on the internet.
Yes, you read that right. During the GoT premiere, a large and very noticeable drop in the amount of people watching porn was observed.
Online streaming spank bank PornHub released data earlier today detailing the drop in wankers, and it’s quite significant. At its peak, total traffic dipped by a whopping 4% (meaning an amount of people well into the six figures sacrificed actual porn for fantasy porn).
Also interesting to note that in the lead-up to the premiere, PornHub actually experienced above-average traffic, with the insinuation there being that people were getting their business out of the way before the show started at 9pm US time. A fact backed up by the fact that it took nearly 4 hours after the premiere for porn traffic to return to normal.
Winter might be coming, but during the show a lot of you sure as shit weren’t.