UQ Law Students Took A Study Break To Make This A+ ‘Uptown Funk’ Parody

In years to come, the University of Queensland‘s law students will be helping you negotiate your property purchases, claw back your assets in divorces and send threatening letters to your many enemies. 

Right now, in-between studying hard for finals, they’re also blowing off steam by churning out excellent viral content like the below ‘Uptown Funk’ parody for the annual sketch comedy show that is the UQ Law Revue
Lyricist Henry Bretz – who can be seen in the role of Mark Ronson – explained:
“I thought of ‘Uptown Monk’ as a concept while backpacking in Japan, wrote most of it on a bullet train and intended for it to be performed on stage but ultimately thought too random to ever work. [It] was basically a joke about how hard it was to think of an original ‘Uptown Funk’ parody despite the necessity- an anti-joke almost. I thought just weird Pythonesque monks doing sexy things but [director] Nicki Murray and John Drewe got on board to make it closer to the original Funk video and actually made it work.”
‘Uptown Monk’ proved too big for the stage, but the group were approached by CollegeHumor Australia, who agreed to sponsor the madness, and viola. They promised cheesy puns, and boy did they deliver. 
Please enjoy the deep theological meditation that is ‘Uptown Monk’:

Music producer Graham Johnson added:
“Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ is such a huge production – it was difficult trying to recreate a professional sounding parody with our $5 music budget. We tried to use as many real instruments as possible in the instrumental. After spending months putting ‘Uptown Monk’ together, I never want to hear it or the original again.”