‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Tituss Burgess Is Selling His Own Pinot Noir

File this one under “Things that should’ve happened AGES ago.”

Aside from being a velvet unicorn and by-far-and-away the breakout star of Netflix‘s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Tituss Burgess is officially doing the sensible thing and launching his own brand of Pinot Noir.
It’s a magnificent idea. Glorious, in fact. It makes perfect sense and it’s unbelievable that it hasn’t happened prior to now, to be honest.
Burgess’s new line of plonk goes by the oh so chic name of Pinot By Tituss, and is a fine Santa Barbara County pinot.
He announced the line earlier today on Instagram, in this video that we practically guarantee you’ll be watching on a loop for the next few minutes. Enjoy.

Seriously. It’s mesmerising.
The wine will begin shipping from March 14th, although there’s no clear word on if you’ll be able to get it sent out here to this particular wine-loving land.
But hey, there’s no harm in trying. All the vital details can be found on the Pinot By Tituss website.
Also note: The site’s age-verification system.
Honestly, the only mildly-disappointing thing about all of this is the fact that its not spelt with the phonetic “Peeno“.

Source: Vulture.