Tyrion Lannister To Host Group Therapy, Intervention With George R.R. Martin At Opera House

Emmy-award winning Peter Dinklage impersonator, Tyrion Lannister will host a group therapy session and communal intervention with sadistic God complex personified, George R.R. Martin at the Sydney Opera House on November 11th, at the height of Spring. 

Now is the time to start workshopping your complex questions for the inevitable Q&A component of ‘Peter in Conversation with George,’ held as part of the Supernova Comic Book and Pop Culture Convention: stuff like, ‘Robb?! Really? Why, God, whyyy?!; ‘When are you going to write your next book?‘ and ‘Sup George?‘ 
That kind of thing.
Tickets start at $69 because of course they do. Register your interest here
Here’s a trailer for the event, read aloud by the official Game of Thrones linguist in Dothraki and High Valyrian. It translates as follows [as per the closed captions]: 
“Exchange and also learn lessons on seeing them as that’s the way and it seems you’ll what your jarara marilyn was indeed reading disneyland miscellaneous this scenario squeezing first purchases.”

via Sydney Opera House on Facebook

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty