Watch The Full Interview With George R.R Martin And Game Of Thrones’ Leading Ladies At The Opera House

Led by former Chaser troublemaker Dom Knight at the WesterOpera House, behold ninety minutes of Game Of Thrones-related nerd fuel, the highly anticipated conversation with conjurer of emotions/nightmares/despair George R.R Martin, stern portrayer of Cersei Lannister Lena Headey and Michelle Fairley – the lovely actress behind Catelyn Stark, held as part of the Ideas At The House festival.

Watch in adoration below, the movie-length interview that spans first impressions of the series (Lena Headey, bless her and her chic jumpsuit and Bjork hair, said that her reaction to the pilot was, fittingly, “this is fucking nuts”), George R.R Martin, the troll, confirming that his imagined universe truly is inimitably large, diverse and frightening; Michelle Fairley admitting that Cersei Lannister “needs a good shrink”; an audience question strangely asking Lena Headey what she would like to change about Catelyn Stark’s character if she were to portray her instead of Michelle Fairley (Lena Headey appropriately responds, once again – “What a fucked up question”), and George R.R Martin sets boundaries for plagiarism – “if you steal from one person it’s plagiarism, if you steal from  a hundred people it’s ‘research’…I do a lot of research… “

Not even the unfortunate cancellation of Peter Dinklage to join in pales this epic conversation – enjoy, and weep openly in the knowledge that Game of Thrones season four is unattainably, cruelly distant. Happy Sunday.

Via Ideas At The House.