Twitter’s Cruelest Jokes About The Heidi Klum-Seal Split

The rumour that everyone had hoped was just internet conjecture has sadly been confirmed this afternoon: Heidi Klum and Seal released a statement to People magazine confirming that they had separated:

“While we have enjoyed seven very loving, loyal and happy years of marriage, after much soul-searching we have decided to separate.

“We have had the deepest respect for one another throughout our relationship and continue to love each other very much, but we have grown apart. This is an amicable process and protecting the well-being of our children remains our top priority, especially during this time of transition.

“We thank our family, friends, and fans for their kind words of support. And for our children’s sake, we appreciate you respecting our privacy.”

Twitter, of course, cares not for respecting privacy! Ever since news of the split surfaced over the weekend the dissolution of the pair’s marriage has been the target of cruel jokes, most of which are at the expense of Seal (who, unfortunately, is an easy target for various reasons…)

Here are some of Twitter’s Cruelest Jokes At the Expense Of Seal And Heidi’s Split.

Seal is also coincidentally the name of an amusing animal:

Seal has permanent, very visible scars on his face. (Good grief people!)

Heidi Klum is a supermodel. Seal is not:

The one sentiment we can all agree with: