Twitter Is Lighting Up With Glowing First Reviews Of ‘Black Panther’

Black Panther is super special for a number of reasons. At a time when minorities are facing vilification from their own leaders and barriers between different ethnic groups continue to grow across the world, it’s awesome that we can point to this movie as an example of a hero.

Also, because it looks really fkn good.

Well, Disney and Marvel Studios treated the media to an advance screening of the film before it debuts next month and the press were absolutely frothing it.

If the movie can live up to expectation (and it’s pretty likely that it will) then it would be Marvel’s fourth consecutive film that opens to at least $100 million. Not too shabby at all.

And here’s what the celebs who attended the premiere are saying*:

[*At one point, I could have sworn it even prompted Donald Glover to get back on Twitter, but checking again this morning and he’s deleted everything. Again.]

The movie comes out on the 15th of Feb in ‘Straya, so get bloody keen.