Everyone Is Stanning Shuri From ‘Black Panther’, Ya New Fave Princess

WARNING: Spoilers for Black Panther are coming. But to be honest, if you haven’t seen it, these probably won’t make much sense to you anyway.

But if you have seen it, then it’s finally time to understand all the good Twitter / Tumblr posts you’ve been scrolling past or half-heartedly liking until you finally got around to seeing the film.

First of all, Michelle Obama tweeted out her praise today, which is just great.

And obviously it’s already smashed the box office, scoring the fifth best opening of all time.


And people have been clapping back to racist idiots for a while now…


But now that you’ve finally seen the damn thing (perhaps even several times), you can appreciate the full beauty of being online at the time of Black Panther.

And by that we mean: everyone has declared Shuri, T’Challa‘s genius sister played by breakout star Letitia Wright, their new fave.








And if you’re wondering if Letitia has seen your fan posts…. she has. It’s a thing.



“I grew up seeing so many stereotypes on TV and I didn’t want to play that as well,” she recently told The Hollywood Reporter. “This moment right now is years of prayer that’s coming together to play such a character that … hopefully a lot of people can be inspired by. So for me it’s a dream come true really. It’s something positive in the world, and that’s the type of person I am. It doesn’t necessarily mean that that character is not flawed, because I just played a character in Black Mirror that’s kind of crazy. But with this film, it can spark the brain of another kid that loves technology and loves science and lets them see that that’s really cool and encourage them to create the next gadget that’s going to help cure a disease or something … I’m proud to be a young black girl doing this, but also as much as this is for young black women to be inspired, [it’s for] all women of all ethnicities, of all races to be inspired. And young boys too, young men too from all walks of life to be inspired by this film.”


Also, look, these aren’t exactly Shuri fan posts BUT they are extremely good and worth posting here:




Okay, we good. Shuri / Wakanda forever.