Tuxedo Pooh Bear Is The Latest Meme For You To Chortle Heartily At

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN

Every so often there’s a meme that passes through the internet that captures you in such a way that you didn’t think possible, leaving you feeling incredibly seen. It’s jarring, and ultimately very funny, making you immediately want to share it with your mates, so they too can feel deeply seen and you can share the burden of quiet shame. Enter, Tuxedo Pooh Bear.

[jwplayer zFEc4n5L]

It’s a meme that speaks right into those moments when you’re trying to be a little bit fancy, a touch posho, a smidge toffish. Like one for me is when I ~treat myself~ to an $8 loaf of bread that I have to cut up myself instead of just going for the $2 supermarket brand one.

It’s like your thoughts are suddenly in cursive and you’re like “ooh might just give myself a little treatie. I’ve earned it. I’m a fancy binch today.

Tuxedo Pooh Bear is essentially a meme version of anyone’s mum who pronounces Target as “tar-jay” and Coles as “co-lay“.

So anyway, please enjoy this perfectly-curated collection of Tuxedo Winnie memes, for your Friday afternoon perusal.



Be aware, searching this here meme is a treacherous business because people are extremely the worst and can’t be funny without being offensive. Go figure.

Stocks for these here Tuxedo Pooh Bear memes are assumedly quite hot at the moment but are definitely running the risk of hitting a peak and quickly crashing. Strike while the iron’s hot in the NASDANQ, people.

I digress, enjoyeth thine weekend, fellow memetics appreciators.