You’d think a summit with the leader of a rogue nation known for its brutality against dissidents and continual threats of nuclear war would have satisfied an American president’s appetite for confrontation.

But a day after his historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump has managed to spew out a little more ire for… actor Robert De Niro. 

After De Niro’s comments at this weekend’s Tony Awards, in which he announced “fuck Trump”, the US President took to Twitter to lambaste the star as “a very Low IQ individual”. 

Yes, even a man who effectively represented the Western world to one of the planet’s most notorious dictators still managed to have his ego bruised by an entertainer’s outbursts.

It’d be funny if it wasn’t such a transparent glimpse into the mind of Trump, a man whose mood is buoyed entirely by famous people saying nice things about him.

Something that is objectively funny: former De Niro fans destroying their memorabilia as a form of protest. At least these units aren’t in charge of leading international diplomatic efforts.

Image: Randy Risling / Getty Images