Ahead of his morbidly-themed Opera House tête-à-tête, “Alan Ball: Vampires, Death and the Mundane”, Pedestrian spoke with the Oscar-winning scribe and showrunner about the burden of killing off characters, the golden age of television and the shows currently on his radar (including an unlikely selection from Down Under!). Read an excerpt below…
Pedestrian: Which shows do you watch religiously?
Alan Ball: Well right now I’m watching Breaking Bad, I won’t miss it. I love Breaking Bad. I love Mad Men. I’m a huge Game Of Thrones fan. There’s a show on Comedy Central called Workaholics about three loveable loser slacker dork assholes that makes me laugh like nothing else since South Park. And I just recently started watching this Australian show called Rake…I gotta say I’m pretty intrigued by it. I just watched an episode where a former prostitute was telling this girl that she needed to forgive her father for having a three way which included a dog. People can be good parents you know? Everyone has something about them that’s weird but it doesn’t mean they’re not good people. That’s my kind of show.
You’re our kind of human, Alan. Look out for the full interview next week. Event details below.
What: Alan Ball: Vampires, Death and the Mundane
When: Thursday 8 September, 2011, 7pm
Where: Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall
Tickets: $45 – $65 sydneyoperahouse.com / 9250 7777