Aussie Icon Troye Sivan Has Sent The Internet Into A Tizzy Over His Gaping ‘Glory Bowl’

Australian icon Troye Sivan has sent his millions of followers to a hole (hehe) new world over his latest Instagram post where he promoted umm… a golden hole?

Troye Sivan is no stranger to getting wild reactions to his content. I mean, we were all obsessed last year with his summertime hit “Rush”, which some punters (my mates) have linked to the experience of sniffing poppers at a club.

Now it seems like the ARIA-winning artist has come across another viral moment after she shared a pic of a bowl by TSU LANGE YOR — a brand for which he’s the creative director — on his Instagram (@troyesivan).

“Bottomless (baseless 🙂) and beautiful!” The artist wrote in the caption of the viral post.

“Available in two sizes, one for ur personal (keys, wallet, headphones), and one for ur [sic] perishables (tomatoes, citrus and squash).

“I’ve been living [with] mine for a few months and it’s genuinely my favourite thing.”

Although the item looks super luxe — if I could describe it as a song it’ll definitely be Rina Sawayama‘s “XS” — some folks pointed out its odd design and the cooked price.

The cooked price, you ask? Well, according to the TSU LANGE YOR online storefront, the large BOTTOMLESS bowl — which was made in collaboration with artist Joel Adler — costs $718. The small version is available for the humble price of $196.


Anyways, shall we take a stroll through one of the most chaotic comment sections ever?


“A bottomless bowl ?! Tops win again I fear,” a second person commented.

“This is real rich people shit omg,” wrote a third.

“Oh he’s got the Schiaparelli cawk ring,” another person added.

And the comments go on and on!!! Limitless, like this bottomless overpriced bowl!!!

Although most of the responses were banter, some folks criticised the artist for promoting consumerism. One person even described the move as “obnoxious”.

“These celebrity brands are getting more ridiculous and obnoxious each time. I’m sure someone will find this piece ‘artsy’ and ‘nouveau’ …go ahead and pay $700 for it. I don’t care one way or another but this is consumerism at its highest level of stupidity! I like Troy and will stick to his music,” one person commented.

“I love you but the consumerism is crazy… that’s a ring!” another person added.

Troye nor the brand have responded to the mixed reactions yet, but honestly, with Troye’s huge SWEAT tour with Charli XCX, I don’t think bestie is going to respond anytime soon.

I guess when you’re rich and famous you truly can do anything.

Including a bowl, minus the thing that makes the bowl a bowl.