Footage Drops Of Tristan Thompson Cheating On Pregnant GF Khloé Kardashian

Honestly, can Khloé Kardashian catch a fucking BREAK here? First she had her very public fertility struggles while married to Lamar Odom. Then it comes out that he’s been cheating on her relentlessly and was addicted to drugs. THEN he’s found unconscious and ends up fighting for his life for months.

It looked like things had turned ’round for Khloé after she announced she was expecting a blessed beb with current partner Tristan Thompson.

Except… now TMZ has released pretty damning footage of Tristan hooking up with two women in October. When Khloé was three months into her pregnancy.

The footage is from a surveillance video inside a hookah lounge in Washington D.C., and while it’s not SEX, there’s tons of making out, as well as a little motorboating to boot. It is… not good.

This comes after a rather suss video emerged of Tristan heading back to his NYC hotel room at 5am last week with a woman accompanying him. That in and of itself? Could be totally innocent. But teamed with this new footage? Mate, you’ve probs got some explaining to do.

Naturally everyone’s backing Khloé on Twitter and sending messages of support – she’s literally due ANY DAY NOW, so the timing on this could not be shittier.

She’s yet to make a statement on the whole scandal, and her last tweet isn’t related and is from 6 hours ago. However she did post this, which some fans are responding to as though it’s related to the TMZ reveal.