A Trailer For The Final Season Of Derry Girls Just Dropped & We’re Crying To Sister Michael

derry girls season three trailer showing sister michael

The first official teaser trailer for Derry Girls season three is here so excuse me while I grab my suitcase full of vodka to celebrate.

Season three will be the final season of the show (crying, screaming).

Honestly it breaks my heart to say goodbye to these characters. Especially deadpan queen Sister Michael (Siobhán McSweeney).

“You will go far in life but you will not be well-liked” is a line I’m taking to the grave.

Saoirse-Monica Jackson who plays protagonist Erin dropped the teaser on her Insta. On St. Patrick’s Day, no less!

Shoutout to journo Samantha Powell for literally manifesting it.

If you haven’t watched Derry Girls before, get on it babe. The show is set during The Troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1990s. It’s got an absolutely stellar cast, some of the best writing on TV and truly excellent nuns.

In the teaser, we see the whole gang back together prepping for their GCSE exams.

There’s obviously Erin and her cousin Orla (Louise Harland), an absolute icon and my fave character. And OFC there’s hash-scone-baking queen Michelle (Jamie-Lee O’Donnell), wee lesbian Clare (Nicola Coughlan) and wee English fella James (Dylan Llewellyn).

Father Peter (Peter Campion) — the only worthy sequel to Fleabag’s Hot Priest — is making a return. Plus, there’s a new hot plumber that Erin and Orla’s mums are thirsting after.

Gerry stans, we ride at dawn.

The series’ creator Lisa McGee announced in September 2021 that season three would be the last one.

“It was always the plan to say goodbye after three series,” she wrote.

Derry Girls is a coming of age story following five ridiculous teenagers as they slowly…very slowly…start to become adults.

“While around them the place they call home starts to change too, and Northern Ireland enters a new, more hopeful phase — which was a small, magical window of time.”

She did say the characters could possibly return at some point. Um, grown-up Erin and James getting together? I would like to see it.

But at least we’ll have season three. And if the trailer’s anything to go by, it’ll be fucking incredible.

At the mo, a release date hasn’t been announced. But if you fancy a wee binge-watch of seasons one and two in preparation you can catch Derry Girls on Netflix!