A Mystery Dating Show That Could Rhyme With Too Thot To Thandle Is Hitting Up Aussie Singles

A bunch of local peeps received an email recently from a certain US dating show that’s filming in Australia soon and looking for folks to sign up, and the leading theory is that it’s Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle.

So Dramatic! podcast host Megan Pustetto shared the email with us, and she said she’s got no bloody idea how she ended up on their mailing list, which makes the whole thing even stranger.

The email reads:

“An American television network is currently casting singles in Australia for an upcoming dating show that will take place in Sydney.

Currently casting for singles of who are tired of swiping right. All types of daters welcome!

  • Must be over the age of 21 to apply
  • other eligibility may apply

The production will be an inclusive dating experience that focuses on finding love matches for each of the suitors. The show will be filmed in Sydney with a cast from both Australia and the US looking to find love… we are flying in America’s best looking singles!”

There’s a site attached to the email with an application form for willing applicants to fill out with questions from whether or not they have a valid passport, what their dating history is like, their preferences, etc etc.

MAFS alum Telv Onus weighed in via the So Dramatic! podcast’s Facebook group (which is aptly named the So Dramatic! podcast Communi-TEA), claiming that he knows for sure that it’s Too Hot To Handle as he’s mates with the producers, as well as a former cast member.

“This is for the new Too Hot To Handle series on Netflix,” he wrote. “I know the producers who are casting it and my friend was on it last year and he also mentioned it.”

However, a spokesperson for Netflix has since confirmed that the email is in no way connected to dating series Too Hot To Handle.