Tom Hanks Seeks Owner Of Lost Student ID, Sets Up Real-Life Rom-Com

Tom Hanks has set up what is essentially the basis for a pretty great ’90s Tom Hanks movie, after finding a lost student ID, then reaching out to its owner to try and get it back to her.
The ID card belongs to a Fordham University student named Lauren, and the actor – who has an adorable habit of signing off every Tweet as ‘Hanx’ – reached out to her earlier today on social media.

The campaign to find Lauren went viral as hell, with Twitter pitching in to track her down. The first breakthrough came when a Twitter user named Hannah claimed that the ID belonged to her friend
Earlier today, CBS news anchor Alice Gainer successfully tracked down the mysterious Lauren, offering a pic as proof, an clarifying that, while the student has a new ID, she would still very much like to meet up and get the old one back.

In March of this year, a kind soul found a credit card belonging to Hanks on the street, and rather than go on a spending spree buying up oversized piano keyboards, returned it to him, so today’s gesture may be his way of paying it forward.
Either way, well-played, Hanks. 
Photo: Kevin Mazur via Getty Images