Tom Hanks Rocked Up To ‘Kimmel’ With Anti-Spoiler Notes For ‘Toy Story 4’

Tom Hanks

The man, the icon, the living treasure Tom Hanks appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night to hype his new film – not that it needs it – Toy Story 4. 

To (kind of) avoid the ire of Disney lawyers, Hanks arrived equipped with the ~ official ~ Disney talking points for the Toy Story 4 press tour. FUN FACT: in 2015, the king let it slip that Toy Story 4 was in production way before Disney even announced the news. As he told Graham Norton in an interview at the time, Disney lawyers gave him a call the next day but well, he is Woody so what are they going to do?

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The aforementioned talking points are multiple pages longs and filled with things you’re supposed to and not supposed to say.

“For example, here’s one thing we’re not supposed to say,” he said. “Spoilers / What to Avoid: Don’t discuss Woody [redacted, redacted, redacted] Please don’t share that [redacted, redacted, redacted].

“They also give you sample questions – which you have yet to ask, my friend,” he told Kimmel.

Questions include:“Can you talk about how Buzz is learning to listen to his inner voice?” and “Who does Woody reunite with?” 

The answer to the latter is Bo Peep, who “should be described as a strong character from the beginning. Her recent experience, perhaps made her stronger but she was never a weak character.” 

Naturally, this is what Hanks said next: “Now do you know how many executives right now want to kick my ass because I brought this out?” Kimmel’s just lost it at this point. “They have an entire division over there called Disney Corporate Vertical Integration Marketing Division and they spent years, honestly, they worked on these things for years.” 

AND YET, he wasn’t finished. The talking points specifically said not to mention Academy Awards. And guess what Hanks did?

You can find this bit of the interview at the 3:49 mark.

Toy Story 4 comes out June 20 across the country. The film is currently certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes – that’s a 100 per cent rating.