To everyone who spent time with children when Frozen hit screens in 2013: relax. The official trailer for Frozen 2 doesn’t feature Let It Go, and there’s no indication that omnipresent earworm will appear in Disney‘s upcoming film.

To everyone who was young enough to unironically belt out Let It Go when Frozen premiered: please, God, leave me alone, and stop reminding me of my own mortality. Just watch the trailer and let me rot in peace.

With those messages out of the way, we can say the clip shows a grand new adventure for the frosty royals. Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) is shown tearing off into the wilderness to make the most of her frigid powers, while her normie sister Princess Anna (Kristin Bell), talking snowman Olaf (Josh Gad) and reindeer herder Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) tag along.

The plot remains somewhat nebulous, but there’s just a hint of magic, Studio Ghibli-esque adventuring on display. Peep the trailer before Frozen 2 hits Australian screens on November 28:

Image: Walt Disney Studios Australia / YouTube