Ppl Are Losing It Over Rose’s Shipwreck Of A Hairdo In The New Titanic 25th Anniversary Poster

The Titanic 25th anniversary release poster has rose and her hair looking over edited and awkward.

Titanic fans are straight up baffled by Rose’s hair in the new poster for the film’s 25th anniversary, which apparently also doubles as an optical illusion.

A remastered 4K and 3D version of the iconic film is returning to cinemas in February for all the girlies who like to cry on Valentine’s Day, but the only thing making people sob RN is the poster’s terrible editing.

The poster focuses on Rose’s (played by Kate Winslet, obvs) side profile, which looks really fkn odd.

For one thing, she appears to have two different hairstyles: on the side facing the camera, her hair is in a short curly up-do. But over her shoulder are long, wavy locks. And the part between her two hairstyles doesn’t even align.

Of course, the picture is supposed to be of her hair slowly losing its styling as she survives a literal disaster. But because of the overly-sleek editing, it just looks like she has a bizarre mullet.

One Twitter user also pointed out it probably represents the duality of her life, and I would agree. Too bad it’s done so terribly.

That’s not the only strange thing about the poster.

Rose is also being embraced by someone who is supposed to be Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Jack, but somehow this fake-Leo looks more like Robert Pattinson. It’s like if I layered the beauty filter on Facetune five times. The retouching has straight up made him unrecognisable. Maybe it’s because the movie is now 25, and therefore too old for him?

Oh, and as some people noted, Rose’s earring is angled the wrong way compared to how her face is leaning. The whole thing is a damn mess.

If you feel like giving James Cameron more money and don’t think Titanic should only be watched on VCR like God intended, you can catch it in cinemas on February 10.