Tinder Revealed Which Star Sign You’re Most Likely To Match With, And Heaven Help The Geminis

According to the matchmakers over at Tinder, Aussie singletons are heavily relying on astrology when it comes to their swiping, which I (PEDESTRIAN.TV’s resident astrologer) bloody loves to see.

How do they know this? Well, their data shows that loads of users are using the Tinder tool that allows you to select folks with a particular astrological sign.

In fact, in Australia, 18-25-year-olds are 29% more likely to call out a star sign than those over 25.

Here are some more fun findings from Tinder’s recent astrology study.


Most likely to match with: Libra.

The boss bitch sign, you can expect an Aries’ profile to be jam-packed with pics and contain a cleverly written but spicy bio.

Because they enjoy giving off the vibe that their life is too lit to quit, they often attract flirty, fun-loving Librans.


Most likely to match with: Taurus.

It’s a stubborn Taurus’ way or the highway, therefore what they want is someone who will match their energy: another Taurus.

I’ll also bet my bottom dollar that at least one of their pics is a dinner table selfie or a pic with a bevvy in hand, and their bio will likely reference their love of eating, drinking and napping.


Most likely to match with: Aquarius.

According to the research, Geminis are the most likely sign to be bartenders which means they love the nightlife, a trait praised by Aquarius folk.

Sadly for Aquarius folk, however, Geminis are the least likely sign to swipe right which makes them tricky to pin down.


Most likely to match with: Aquarius.

Fancy a Cancer? The best way to appeal to these emotive signs is to bring your ‘real’ and ‘genuine’ self (qualities that’ll likely be mentioned in their bio).

Just don’t freak out if they don’t reply straight away, ‘cos apparently they’re among the slowest to reply to messages, just like slow-moving crabs.


Most likely to match with: Aries.

These fiery creatures always bring their A-game when it comes to their dating profile, so pretty much anyone would be entranced by their profile, but especially Aries.

They tend to be the most likely to swipe right (‘cos they just fkn love going out on dates) and they’re also the most likely to show off their sign in their bio. Don’t judge, you would if you were a Leo, too.


Most likely to match with: Scorpio.

A Virgo’s shyness (particularly on dating apps) will be very intriguing to a mysterious Scorpio.

The research states that people who are ‘spontaneous’, looking to ‘explore’ or ‘high key’ are least likely to be attracted to a Virgo’s profile.


Most likely to match with: Aries.

Are you looking for love? Well, Librans are just looking for balance (hence the scales).

Librans wish to find a balance between love, work and play, which Aries are most likely to nail. Because it’s so hard to find this balance, they have a higher right swipe rate.


Most likely to match with: Virgo.

Even though Scorpio is a water sign, they are supposedly the most likely to feature a fire emoji in their bio. They’re also the most likely to identify as as ‘entrepreneurs’ in their bio.

Because they’re known to be thirsty, horny creatures, they have the highest swipe rate. But sadly for people intrigued by Scorpios, their mysterioso nature means they’re most likely to ghost you.


Most likely to match with Capricorn.

It takes a lot to impress a Sagi, for this reason they’re among the least likely to swipe right, but when you do, you’re in for one helluva ride.

Ya know how when you match with someone, you usually needa wait ages for the other person to respond? Well, not a Sagi. They message straight away ‘cos they’re keen to suss you out, otherwise they wouldn’t have swiped.

They also love to advertise their ‘spontaneity’ and ‘fun’ spirit in their bio. Try and keep up with it, will ya?


Most likely to match with: Sagittarius.

A v. judgmental sign, Capricorns are hard to impress. But if you’re willing to put in the work, it’ll be well worth your while.

You’ll often find mention of their ‘hardworking’ nature in their bios and to be fair, this isn’t a lie, but expect lots of bragging about work on your first date.

They have the fewest swipes (right or left) of any sign.


Most likely to match with: Sagittarius.

Because Aquarians are the humanitarians of the zodiac, you will likely find mention of their volunteer work or obsession with climate change in their bio.

They’re also most likely to call themselves artists or use culture terms like ‘music’, ‘concert’ and ‘museum’ to describe their interests.

They’re on the lookout for someone who shares their love of nature, activism and music choices.


Most likely to match with: Aquarius.

Pisces are the slowest sign to respond to messages, but when they do get back to you, it’ll likely be a well thought-out response, so be grateful that they’re going to the effort.

While Pisces are the least likely to mention their emotional sign in their bio, they are the most likely to broadcast their job as an “artist” (which makes sense considering their ruling planet is Neptune).