Lobster Lad Timm Reportedly Felt Like He Was Gonna Faint During A ‘Bachie’ Rose Ceremony

Timm Hanley / The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette‘s beloved lobster Timm Hanley has reportedly had a scare on set after he ducked out of an “intense” rose ceremony, feeling faint.

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This is according to a mysterious source of Woman’s Day, so grain of salt. But if this does end up being true, it’ll be interesting to see how the editors decided to spin it.

So mid-ceremony, Timm just “all of a sudden, he just legs it out of there”.

“He didn’t even say anything – and everyone was so confused,” the Woman’s Day source blabbed.

“Angie kept asking the crew what was going on and they wouldn’t say so, so she started to think that he must be leaving the show – she was devastated.”

Apparently, Angie wasn’t allowed to see Timm because he was with the paramedics… or drama… both, maybe.

“Meanwhile the producers just kept pulling her aside to have chats,” the source continued, which must’ve sucked.

Fortunately, ol’ mate was alright. He later told the boys that he “felt like he was about to collapse” so he made a beeline for the door to get some air.

The source added that it takes “hours” to shoot the rose ceremonies, and it’s “a lot of people crammed into the space” so it can be claustrophobic. And look, fair enough.

The Bachelor continues 7.30pm Wednesday and Thursday on Channel 10. We’re copping a brand new bachelor this week, and Angie knows him. Also, Jaime… Jaime… breaks the ~ bro code ~.


Also, you’ve all probably seen this but I’m still laughing.