Noosa Shire Councillor Jess Glasgow is now the subject of a formal investigation from the Office of the Independent Assessor, over his “crude” and “offensive” behaviour on The Bachelorette.

Noosa mayor Tony Wellington referred Glasgow for investigation this week, calling for his resignation and saying that his deeply sexist antics on the show brought the shire into disrepute.

Late yesterday, the state government body confirmed to ABC News that it has launched a formal investigation for “misconduct”, which is a more serious offense than “inappropriate conduct”.

They said in a statement that they are investigating the complaints as a:

“… breach of the trust placed in the Councillor on the basis of his statutory responsibility to provide high-quality leadership to the local government and the community.”

In a statement shared earlier this week, Wellington said:

“With his appearance on the reality TV show The Bachelorette, Councillor Jess Glasgow has revealed behaviour that is totally inappropriate for a Noosa councillor, indeed for any individual. The behaviour displayed was misogynistic, crude, and highly offensive …”

The statement continued:

“Whether or not Mr Glasgow was simply performing for the cameras, he showed incredibly poor judgement in allowing himself to be filmed lying, being extremely and consistently disrespectful of women, and outright offensive.”

Glasgow himself admitted to ABC News that he “screwed up” in the way he spoke to Angie Kent and other contestants, but said “that’s not me”, and maintained that he will not resign.