A TikToker Is Getting Reamed For Ditching Her Date After He Refused To Add Cheese To His Burger

TikToker Is Getting Reemed For The Reason She Ditched Her Date Which Includes Expensive Cheese

A woman has received a bunch of flak on TikTok after she shared the bizarre reason as to why she ditched her Hinge date.

To give you a quick rundown: Dafna Diamant (@Dafna_diamant) went onto TikTok to share a story about a disastrous Hinge date she had. In the video she details how she left a date after the man refused to pay an extra USD$3 (AUD$5) to add cheese to his burger.

“He’s like, ‘Oh my God you have to pay extra for everything these days and I’m like yeah, it’s New York City,” Dafna said.

After she was “satisfied” with her meal, she took her purse and pretended to go to the bathroom, but instead she paid for both dinners and yeeted out of the date.

She then mentioned that she sent a final text and blocked him from Hinge. “So I texted him, ‘The check is taken care of, you should’ve gotten the cheese,’ and I blocked him.”

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Many people have come to her page with different perspectives on the situation. Some comments agreed with Dafna’s actions, with one user writing, “It’s not about how much cost the cheese [sic]. It’s about why you are complaining about it in your first date?”

Other people also agreed with Dafna, with another user writing, “You’re amazing, that’s also what I would have done. Complaining about money on a first is a huge turn off.”

Unfortunately for Dafna, the majority don’t seem to agree with her reasons for ditching the Hinge date, as well as her petty text.

One user wrote, “Insufferable.. and I don’t mean him. Imagine punishing someone for deciding how they spend their own hard earned money on their OWN meal!” Another one wrote, “My boy was just trying to make conversation.”

Dafna has also seen a lot of duets from other TikTok users who have chucked in their two cents on her rant.

Sadja (@sadijagure) stitched Dafna’s video, cackling at her “dramatic” reaction.

“I’m crying. I watched it again, it’s the fact she said ‘you should’ve got the cheese’ and then blocked him,” Sadja said before completely cracking up (and honestly same).

@sadijagure #stitch with @Dafna all he did was complain about something reasonable?😭😭 #foryoupage #sadijagure #comedy ♬ original sound – doofenshmirtz

Allison Kohlkins (@GayB4rbie) duetted the OG vid with a simple slurp and side-eye reaction, personifying what we’re all thinking about Dafna’s Hinge story.

@gayb4rbie #stitch with @Dafna ♬ original sound – Allison Kohlkins

Since the video has blown up, Dafna has made multiple “sequels” (I guess you can call it that) responding to the rant.

One of them featured a bunch of NYC cheeses and their prices, one was a remake of the date and another vid was a response to comments labelling her rant as “unhinged.”

“You really need to take it easy… Why are you taking this stupid video so seriously?” Dafna said after she revealed that she was receiving hate comments on her videos.

And in a plot twist, Dafna also said that she and cheeseburger man were planning to go on a second date, despite her blocking him because of the damn cheese inflation.

@dafna_diamant Happy Saturday #3dollarcheese #crazygirl #getalife ♬ original sound – Dafna

The whole cheese debacle is crazy AF, and TBH if I was faced with paying up to five bucks extra for some cheese, I’d probably skip the add-on and complain too.

Five dollarydoos for a slice of cheese??? Thank u, next!