Everyone knows the dating field is absolutely cooked on every level so we have to respect these three Brisbane women who decided to game the system and made a group profile to lock in a triple date for Valentine’s Day. The ingenuity of this, my God.

TikToker @lysecorbo (AKA Lyse) and her two friends Hayley and Rachel created a group account on Hinge to try and find the perfect people to take on a big date.

Their account showed individual photos of each of the women and answered prompts from all three so their prospective dates could choose their own adventure, so to speak.


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For instance, Hayley’s love language is “gym dates and overly competitive Mario Kart” while Lyse’s is “food, and a lot of it”.

Lyse told PEDESTRIAN.TV they came up with the group account idea about a week before Valentine’s after they found they were having no luck on their own solo profiles.

“None of us had any prospective Valentine’s plans so ‘why not’ seemed like a good enough reason,” she said.

“Admittedly, we were a bit slack with the admin side of things so only really locked in candidates the night before the date.”

Their triple-threat approach seemed to work pretty well and they wound up with dozens of people shooting their shots to try and match themselves and their friends with Lyse, Hayley and Rachel.

“[We had] over 150 applications in a week,” Lyse said.

“We are actually still getting heaps of applications come through daily — maybe this calls for a round two?”

Lyse said that the kinds of blokes that caught their eyes were the ones that leaned into the bit with them.

“Call us nerds but we loved the applications that used professional language,” she said.

“Particularly the guy who added that he was forklift certified or the guy who said they are all avid gym goers so shoulders will be provided. Or the guys who were travelling from interstate.”

Ok, this is lowkey genius. Sure, we’ve all seen the ~couples profiles~ that are looking for a third on the apps but joining up with two friends to back each other up for (and immediately canvass) potential dates is so smart. No need to send a message to the group chat asking if a bloke is a total shitbag when the group chat is already there on the app with you.

It seems the group account worked like a charm because Lyse followed up with another TikTok documenting the three friends’ Valentine’s Day date.


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Lyse and the girls wound up choosing a trio of men after they were unknowingly chatting with two out of the three on their separate Hinge profiles.

“Both guys had stand-out applications and quality banter so we took a chance and it paid off,” Lyse said.

She said the boys were a vibe and they’re all going on a second date on Friday — we simply have no choice but to stan.

Image: TikTok / @lysecorbo