This Hot Fireman Debunking Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories Has TikTok Collectively Melting Down

A TikTok video of a hot fireman debunking conspiracy theories around the West Coast fires in the U.S. has gone viral, and honestly, I could watch it on loop all day.

User @wildlandmike, who has now accumulated over 19,000 followers on TikTok, posted the video in which he refutes an entire swarm of theories with but a few words and a look. Honestly, his genuine look of fed up disdain throughout the vid is what I look for in a man.

The conspiracy theories that @wildlandmike responds to throughout the clip come from TikTok user @cierra_mistt, who has around 2.6 million followers. Although @wildlandmike dueted the vid, the original has since been taken down by TikTok for a community guideline violation.

She told Insider that the purpose of her wild theory video was so that someone could eventually debunk everything she was saying. Guess her wish came true.

“There are a lot of fires going on right now in our country,” says @cierra_mistt at the beginning of her video.

@wildlandmikeOriginal duet got taken down… ##wildfire##califire##conspiracy♬ original sound – wildlandmike

Throughout the clip, a whole series of claims are addressed, including one that the fires ‘conveniently’ stop at the US/Canada border.

“That’s a US database map you’re looking at, not gonna be reporting Canada fires,” @wildlandmike says.

@cierra_mistt also brings up the claim that there are “bio-hazard signs all over the place… about 40 minutes from Grand Canyon National Park.”

With a straight face, @wildlandmike simply says:

“That’s literally not there. I’ve worked there, it even looks edited. Come on, guys.”

The video has even taken off on Twitter, with users calling the video better than porn, and saluting the TikTok firefighter for also fighting conspiracy theories.

The California August Complex Fire is now the biggest fire in California state history, burning over 755,600 acres. The smoke has turned skies across America shades of violent red and orange, which one designer a few weeks ago decided to make fun of, by finding the exact Pantone shade that the sky had become.

@wildlandmike has also debunked other theory videos on TikTok, forming a sort of niche for himself on the app. Lucky for him, I don’t think there’s a huge selection of conspiracy theory debunking firefighters for him to compete with.

@wildlandmikeAnother one. ##wildfire ##califire ##fyp ##conspiracy ##fire♬ original sound – wildlandmike