‘Thor’ Trailer With Chris Hemsworth & Nat Portman

In the interest of supporting homegrown talent and seeing what’s generating Kenneth Branagh’s non Harry Potter related revenue, let’s take a look at the trailer for Thor. Australian Chris Hemsworth (brother of Miley Cyrus boyfriend, Liam) stars as the titular hammer-wielding Norse god who, throughout the course of the movie, gets to mack on to Natalie Portman, kick much ass, and speak eerily similar to Russell Crowe in Gladiator.

Directed (somewhat surprisingly) by Shakespeare fanboy, Kenneth Branagh, Thor is a Marvel superhero flick and so, as per their standard recipe, it combines high cheese factor (Anthony Hopkins with flowing hair and eyepatch!) with impressive special effects and many loud noises. If a cross between X-Men and Clash Of The Titans sounds like your vibe this’ll probably be up your alley – plus Chris Hemsworth somehow makes the lamest superhero weapon of all time look kind of hot because of his pretty boy looks and rippling chest. Cue innuendo re: his ‘hammer’.