Taika Waititi Just Debunked That Very Clearly Fake Thor 4 Poster That’s All Over The Internet

thor love and thunder

Director daddy Taika Waititi has debunked that viral poster for Thor: Love and Thunder circulating online this weekend.

Earlier today, an image of what fans believed was an official poster for the fourth film in the Thor franchise was shared on Twitter. It’s unclear who exactly made it or first shared it but a quick search through the hashtag “ThorLoveandThunder” and you can see it all over Twitter.

The poster features Thor (Chris Hemsworth) standing in the centre of the frame with Korg (Waititi) in a winter coat to his right and a large slight transparent image of Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) as Lady Thor on the right of that.

Above them, you can see Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) on a pegasus, Lady Thor again, and what looks like Thor holding Stormbreaker. Underneath them in the poster is two giant goats (no clue what the deal is with those) leading a boat. Both Thors are at the front of the ship with Valkyrie and Korg standing behind them.

thor love and thunder
A screenshot of a deleted tweet featuring the very busy image fans claimed was a poster for the new film. (Source: Twitter)

Before you even examine the quality of the image itself and compare it to previous Marvel posters, you gotta ask yourself: why is Thor there three times? Why is Lady Thor, who hasn’t even been formally announced, there and for that many times?

This poster is busier than Sydney’s Central Station during peak hour.

Anyway, it’s very clearly fake but that didn’t stop the internet from going absolutely Asgardian hog-wild over it. Some loved it, others hated it but very few appeared to question whether it was even legit.

“It looks cool but per usual with Marvel, there’s way too much going on,” wrote one fan.


“You gotta be kidding right,” said another.

“They literally threw everything on the poster and it looks like shit lol.”



Shortly later, the film’s director Waititi debunked the image.

“This is so bad that I wish it was an official poster,” he said.

“It’s definitely what I would have done if I was in charge of posters.”

Realistically, it’s pretty unlikely we’ll see the Thor: Love and Thunder poster this month. Marvel is focused on their next flick Spider-Man: No Way Home which drops on the 16th of December. Thor: Love and Thunder doesn’t premiere till July next year after Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness.