There’s Now a Makeup Specifically For Taking Selfies

It took a while for the cosmetics industry to lean fully into this whole millennial narcissism thing, but it seems they’re finally catching up, as there now exists a foundation formulated specifically for the purpose of snapping #flawless #selfies.

The Gloss report that cosmetics giant Dior, who recently launched a new line called Diorskin Star, held focus groups of women between the ages of 25 and 44 found that nearly half those surveyed are “concerned” about the way their skin looks on social media. 
They claim that the makeup replicates the preternaturally radiant skin tone of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift with the help of “light bursting” technology and “tiny titanium spheres” that break up harsh lighting and distribute it evenly across the face.
The foundation comes in 16 shades, and results supposedly include “a measurable 24 percent increase in radiance”, as your complexion becomes “luminous, shine-free and flawless, while still looking like your real skin.”
Those who used the foundation reported a 75% increase in Jason texting them all last night, however, a side effect of use was confusion as to whether or not said texts were booty calls and whether that girl with him was even pretty.
Image via YouTube