The First Trailer For White Lotus S2 Is Here & It Looks Like We’re In For Another Batshit Vacay

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Pack your bags because we’ve just copped our first look at The White Lotus Season 2.

Ooh, and as a check-in treat, we’ve got all the tea about the new season!

Here’s everything we know about what’s gonna go down when The White Lotus Hotel reopens its doors to a new crop of spicy guests.

Is there a The White Lotus Season 2 trailer?

Sure is!

In the trailer, we see a new crop of guests checking in to the Italian version of The White Lotus Hotel.

Returning queen Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) is now married to hotel guest Greg (Jon Gries), who travels to Sicily with her.

In the trailer, we see that Tanya is worried that Greg might be cheating on her.

We’re also introduced to newcomers played by Theo James and Meghann Fahy.

Have a watch below:

Who is in The White Lotus Season 2?

Since the new season takes place at a different location to the lush Hawaiian venue in Season 1, naturally different guests and therefore a different cast will be involved. Well, almost…

It was recently revealed that champagne-slinging queen Jennifer Coolidge will reprise her role in Season 2 and we’ve just copped our first look at the whimsical character’s return.

Jennifer Coolidge in The White Lotus Season 2. (HBO Max)

Joining Coolidge is the equally talented and iconic Aubrey Plaza who has been cast in The White Lotus Season 2 as Harper Spiller, a gal on vacay with her hubby and his mates.

Aubrey Plaza’s character strolling through Italy.

“I was a fan of Season 1, but more importantly, I was a big Mike White fan,” Plaza told Variety of the series and its creator.

“So I’m very excited to work with him,” she added. “I’m very honoured to be on this television series, and I hope I don’t let everybody down. It seems like everyone watched this show.”

Other new cast members include Theo James (Divergent), Meghann Fahy (The Bold Type), Will Sharpe (Black Pond), Leo Woodall (Cherry), Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos), F. Murray Abraham (Mythic Quest), Adam DiMarco (Magicians, The Order), Tom Hollander (The Night Manager) and Haley Lu Richardson (Recovery Road).

Where is The White Lotus Season 2 set?

While Season 1 took place in gorgeous Hawaii, the new season will head to Europe, Sicily.

HBO told Variety that the second season will leave Hawaii “and follows a different group of vacationers as they jet to another White Lotus property and settle in temporarily amongst its inhabitants.”

A source close to the show confirmed to the publication that the new season will be filmed at Four Seasons San Domenica Palace in the exclusive Sicilian resort town of Taormina.

According to the San Domenica Palace’s website, the resort was closed to guests until April 1, which is when filming was taking place.

When is The White Lotus Season 2 being released?

It was just announced that the series is set to drop this October. Wee-hee!

White previously told IndieWire that the aim is for the series to follow an anthology-style, with a new resort in a different part of the world each season, which will obvs have different guests and a different kooky staff.

Light bulb moment: Can you IMAGINE a season set in Australia at, like, Hamilton Island or Byron Bay? Heaven!

He also teased that “some of [the original characters] would come back” in future seasons to play the same characters. Intriguing!

According to HBO, The White Lotus is “currently ranking #1 among all series on HBO Max,” and “has achieved consistent week over week growth for both premiere and digital audience, leading into the finale episode.”

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