The Onion To Launch Satirical Clickbait-Style Site

For years, The Onion‘s been satirizing newspaper journalism and cable news with such consistent excellence it’s a bit suspicious, actually. Now they’ve announced plans to take a big step into the present with – a new site that’ll take aim at the fulsome ridiculousness of the likes of Buzzfeed and Upworthy.

Clickhole will provide readers with “an all-new internet experience filled with content so shareable, snackable, and clickable, it will rob you of all logic and reason,” according to the placeholder site up now.

A preview of the site’s content presented by Onion editors included “Which pizza should I have
for dinner tonight? (presented by Pizza Hut),” “Seven pricks that defied
the odds and didn’t go into finance” and a photo slideshow entitled
“Six kinds of hay.”

In an interview with Mashable, Clickhole managing editor Ben Berkley said “Our comedic vision for ClickHole is to take the same subversive sensibility that the The Onion has been built on for 25 years and apply that voice toward satirizing a new medium—specifically click-baiting content and the culture of the internet at large.”

Clickhole will launch in June.