Decide If You’re A Summer Or A Marissa With This Instagram Dedicated To ‘The OC’ Fashion

The OC Instagram

If there’s one show that just screams noughties to me, it’s the classic teen drama The OC. The show is peak 00s, with its indie soundtrack, the pin-straight GHD hairstyles, and of course: the fashion. We wrote a whole article about it on the show’s 15th anniversary, which you can find right HERE.

The boys wore baggy jeans and chesty Bonds singlets (or Death Cab for Cutie tees, in Seth Cohen‘s case) while the girls sported vagina-defying hipster jeans and strappy, sparkly tops — and that’s just what Marissa and Summer were wearing to school.

[jwplayer nNX4qBOS]

At the time, it made me desperately want a pair of the lowest-riding Sass & Bide jeans I could get my hands on, even though hipster jeans in no way suit my body type. (It was forever saddening to me that I wasn’t born with the kilometre-long torso of Mischa Barton.) That’s not to mention the cute little singlet tops that I couldn’t wear without a bra anyway.

Even when re-watching this show, which is easy because it’s all on Stan, I’m always obsessed with what the characters are wearing. Which is why I was delighted to discover an Instagram account dedicated to the excellent sartorial choices of these fictional high schoolers, specifically their tops: and it’s called Spaghetti Straps Of The OC.

Run by The Cut‘s fashion news writer Emilia Petrarca (who also has an account dedicated to the style of The Sopranos), the account is a love letter to all the “going-out tops” that these gals (and sometimes, guys) wore in the show.

Marissa features heavily:

Yep, even when passed out:

Summer makes several appearances:

Even Ryan and his biceps get a look in!

There’s loads more on the account, which you can find right HERE. The words “jeans and a nice top” have never been more apt.