The Most Fashionable 8 Year Old In The World

It took months of deliberation and self-doubt before I released my inner-dandy and rocked a bow tie – the sartorial hallmark of fashion forward men, nerds and limp wristed effeminates alike. I like to think the fabric around my neck embodies the former but in reality it probably projects the latter with just a hint of “pretentious idiot”, or so says my girlfriend.

This eight year old on the other hand carries the look with such natural grace you’d think he was the son of new American Royalty. And in a way you’d be right. GQ Magazine inadvertently discovered Arlo Weiner aka the World’s most fashionable adolescent through his father Matt Weiner. If that name sounds familiar Matt Weiner is the creator of television’s most stylish hour “Mad Men” which may explain why Arlo looks like Chuck Bass’ less annoying younger brother.

The article goes on the reveal that Beck once followed Arlo down the street to get a better look at his all plaid ensemble and Bob Dylan and Black Sabbath are among his favourite musicians. He also has a penchant for Ascots, bow ties and top hats. Man when this kid grows up he’s gonna get all the girls (guys?).

See Photos Via GQ